With the app "FAIRTIQ" the passenger always gets the right ticket, and this without a complicated tariff study. You can download the FAIRTIQ app for free on the App Store and on the Google Play Store.

To use the app, a one-time registration is necessary. When registering, you can set your preferences for Halbtax and Class. If the departure location is found by means of locating at the beginning of the journey, a simple wiping movement on the mobile phone is enough to start the app. The color of the app will change to green. During the journey the telephone can be used for other services. At the end of the journey the app is stopped with a new wiping movement, the screen color changes to red and the travel expenses are calculated. If a passenger forgets to check out at the end of his trip, he automatically receives a "Assisted Check Out" after a certain time.

And the best thing to come to the end: The app automatically calculates the daily best price in the continuation of the trip, that is, the maximum of the price of a day ticket - a fair ticket.

What can the FAIRTIQ app?

With the "Locate-Me" function, the FAIRTIQ app automatically determines the current location and the travel distance from the passenger.

  • The FAIRTIQ app automatically calculates the cheapest fare for the route taken.
  • If you forget to check out when getting out, FAIRTIQ will remind you.
  • With Mastercard, Visa or Handyrechnung the customer pays simply and securely. The FAIRTIQ App can be used simply once.
  • If the value of your individual travel exceeds the price of a day ticket, you automatically pay the most favorable rate.
  • The receipt is simply sent by e-mail.
  • Using FAIRTIQ with a foreign mobile phone: it works perfectly with foreign phone numbers, but requires a mobile data connection. The amount of data is very small and should generally consume very little data - max. 1 MB per hour. The costs for this should also be very low. Just keep in mind that other apps do not consume data (Whatsapp, Spotify, YouTube, etc.).

For more information, see www.fairtiq.ch

You can download the app for free on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Make it easy with FAIRTIQ!

Get in - get off - FAIRTIQ.

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Double success in the North of Europe: Swiss startup FAIRTIQ wins UITP Award in Stockholm and enables the easiest travel also in Turku (FIN).

The UITP Global Public Transport Summit was held in Stockholm from 9 to 12 June 2019. At the same time, the UITP Awards were presented. The Swiss startup FAIRTIQ not only won one of the world's most prestigious public transport awards, but was also able to announce the launch of its ticketing app in the Finnish city of Turku.