Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions and their answers:

Tarifverbund Zug ticket association - general

Where can I buy my ticket/travel card?
There is an overview of all sales points here.

Where is the validity information on the ticket?
The zones validated and the validity are printed on the ticket.

I am traveling from Zug to Cham, I need to use line 6 / 7. Do I need to buy a ticket for zone 623?
Yes. You must have a ticket for all zones you travel through. If you travel on line 6 / (7), you need a valid ticket for zones 610, 622 and 623. If you travel by city railway, you must have a valid ticket for zones 310 and 622.

I live in Steinhausen and would like to buy my Zuger Pass card for zones 610, 622 and 623. What should I enter?
Change the starting point to one in zone 610 (e.g. Zug) and enter a stop in zone 622 (e.g. Cham) as your destination. The ticket machine gives you a choice of "via Train" or "via Steinhausen-bus". Select "via Steinhausen-bus". The Train option only gives you zones 610 and 622. This method also works for day single tickets, multipleday tickets, day tickets.

Can I use a TVZG ticket for the boats on lake Zug and lake Aegeri? 
No. The boats on lake Zug and lake Aegeri are not included in the Tarifverbund Zug ticket association. Except you buy an Zuger Tagespass+, then you have an one day ticket also for the boats on the Ägerissee and Zugersee. Or you buy a separate ticket for a boat trip. Prices and timetables can be found at or

Can I take a bike free with a Zuger Pass Plus card? 
No. A valid ticket must always be presented for a bicycle. Holders of a GA travel card or a Swiss half-fare card and children of 6 - 16 pay a reduced rate..

Do I need a ticket for my dog? 
Yes. The reduced rate applies to dogs. Exception: Dogs of 30 cm or less at the shoulders (withers) can be carried in bags, baskets or other suitable containers free of charge as hand luggage.


TVZG single tickets

Can I use my multi-way ticket for return travel within the validity period? 
Yes. A single ticket or multi-way ticket allows you to travel freely in all directions in the zone(s) you have selected during the validity period printed on your ticket.

How long is my single ticket valid?
1 zone -  30 minutes
2 zones  1 hour
3 zones - 1 hour
4 zones - 2 hours
All zones - 2 hours

I am traveling from Neuheim to Zug. That is three zones. But the 1 hour validity is not enough. Do I need to buy two tickets?
No. Buy a day ticket (equivalent to the price of two single tickets). This gives you free travel for a whole day. So you can use the same ticket to go out in the evening, to the cinema for example.

I have a single ticket for two zones. My shopping took longer than planned and the validity period is no longer enough for the whole trip back home. Do I need to buy a new ticket?
Yes. The ticket is valid as far as the last scheduled stop which can be reached before the end of the validity period.


TVZG travel cards

I have a Zuger Pass Plus card for zone 610. Can I take a companion with me in the canton of Zug at evenings and weekends? 
No. This only applies to the annual all zones Zuger Pass Plus card. Holders of a Zuger Pass card or a Zuger Pass Plus card for individual zones and holders of a Z-Pass card, an Modul-Abo card, a line card or a GA travel card are excluded.

Can I deactivate my Zuger Pass Plus card if I am away for an extended period?
No. You pay for nine months and get 12 months of travel. Holidays are already factored in. If you are away for long periods, a monthly Zuger Pass card makes more sense.

I have lost my Zuger Pass Plus card. What should I do? 
You can get a replacement for CHF 30.00. You need to present some official ID at the counter and bring the original receipt. Unfortunately, we are unable to replace monthly Zuger Pass cards and the Zuger Pass Plus (transferable pass).

TVZG connecting tickets

Do I need a connecting ticket to Arth-Goldau if I have a Zuger Pass Plus card (zones  610, 622 and 623)? 
Yes. Buy a connecting ticket for two zones. 

When is a connecting ticket valid for all zones?
If you pay for at least five zones for an association ticket (single ticket or travel card) and a connecting ticket, the ticket is valid in the whole association area. 

I have an all zones Zuger Pass Plus card. Can I purchase a connecting ticket to Zurich airport?
No. Purchase an additional Z-Pass ticket from the last stop within the validity area of your TVZG card to your destination, i.e. from Zug to Zurich airport (8 zones), unless the fast train stops in Baar (7 zones).


Z-Pass tickets

I have an annual Z-Pass card. Can I use it on the Zugerberg mountain railway?
Yes. This card gives you free travel throughout the Zurich-Zug/Schwyz corridor, including the Zugerberg mountain.

I have a Z-Pass card which includes Zug zones 610, 623, 624 and 633. Can I purchase a connecting ticket to the Zugerberg mountain?
No. Buy an additional TVZG ticket from the last stop within the validity area of your Z-Pass card to your destination. As Schönegg is on the boundary of zones 610 and 611, buy a TVZG ticket from Schönegg to the Zugerberg mountain for zones 611, 612 and 613.

I have an all zones Zuger Pass Plus card. Can I purchase a connecting ticket to Zurich airport?
No. Purchase an additional Z-Pass ticket from the last stop within the validity area of your TVZG travel card to your destination, i.e. from Zug to Zurich airport (8 zones), unless the fast train stops in Baar (7 zones).

Can I purchase a Z-Pass ticket on a ZVB bus?
No. This year, you cannot yet buy Z-Pass tickets on ZVB buses. So, we recommend that you buy your tickets in the ticket shop, via mobile, at the travel center, at the station or at a manned sales point.

All information about the Z-Pass card is available at


Swiss Pass (Zuger Pass and Zuger Pass Plus with Swiss Pass)

What must be considered for the first purchase of a group subscription on SwissPass?
If there is not yet a SwissPass (for example, from the half-tax), then a current and good quality photo is necessary.

What is the procedure if someone does not have a new photo?

Issue the SwissPass. The photo itself can be uploaded to or via the SMS photo upload.

How long does it take for the SwissPass to be delivered?
Maximum 10 days.

How long does it take for the Zuger Pass / Zuger Pass Plus to be linked to the SwissPass?
The link will be made immediately after the purchase / renewal.

Can other composite driving way, z.Bsp. a single ticket to be loaded with SwissPass?
At the moment only personal monthly and yearly subscriptions can be loaded onto the SwissPass.


How much is the SwissPass?
The SwissPass is part of the offer and will not be charged additionally.
What can be done if the SwissPass has been forgotten at home?Pass a serviced sales office (CASA) with an official ID. For CHF 5 .-- a voucher «SwissPass forgotten» which entitles to driving is handed over there. In the case of inspection by bus / train, the voucher received can be presented within 10 days with the group subscription at a serviced sales outlet and CHF 5 .-- can be paid.


How long is the SwissPass valid?
The SwissPass carrier card is valid for 5 years, after which the cards are exchanged.


Can the SwissPass be terminated?
Unlike GA and Half-Fare travel, affiliate subscriptions are not automatically renewed. A reminder reminds of the subscription renewal. If no renewal is required at the end of the bundled subscription, the SwissPass can be stored and used again for a subscription at a later date.


Where can the affiliate subscription subscriptions be renewed?
Year subscriptions- At a serviced point of sale (CASA)- Online in a webshopMonth subscriptions- At a serviced point of sale (CASA)- Online in a webshop- ticket machines (connection of public transport platform)


How can a monthly subscription be extended if there is no SwissPass left?
If this is actually no longer available, a free SwissPass can be issued.

Is it possible to pay for the Zuger Pass / Zuger Pass Plus subscription on by credit card? is merely an information platform on which no purchases can be made. Customers are referred to the webshop or sales outlets (CASA).

Can an annual Zuger Pass Plus subscription be renewed at the machine?
No, annual subscriptions can only be extended online, at the counter or by order form (credit card> MailOrder).


Can an existing group subscription, which has not yet been issued on the SwissPass, be retrospectively referenced to the SwissPass?
Upon customer request, the existing Verbund pro-Rata subscription can be reimbursed if a new one-year subscription is purchased on the SwissPass.

Where is the expiration date visible?
Either on or- at a serviced point of sale (CASA)- to SBB ticket machines- by phone in the SwissPass service center from Mon-Fri from 8 am to 8 pm on the number 0848 44 66 88 (regular rate CHF 0.12 / min.)

Can a SwissPass be replaced if it is lost, broken or stolen?
Yes, a SwissPass with valid service can be replaced for CHF 30 .--. A SwissPass without valid service will be replaced free of charge.

What can be done if there are no reminders via SMS or e-mail, for example about the expiration of the subscription?

Check the personal settings on Check the spam folder.

Where can I make an address change?

In personal settings on or at a serviced sales office (CASA).