On-vehicle advertising

Public transport advertising – popular and noticed

Public transport is perfect for advertising.

Public transport advertising is in tune with the mobility rhythms of the selected target area – with weekly coverage figures of 50% (interior formats) and 80% (exterior formats).

Public transport advertising from ZVB comes in exterior and interior formats. External formats (all-over design, tailgate format, partial design) are seen by all mobile members of the population and are effective due to their size. So they are the perfect medium for long-term image and brand maintenance.

The interior format (suspended display) invites passengers to participate in active dialogue when in waiting situations and is therefore perfect for announcements, promotions and other short-term and medium-term advertising opportunities.

Zugerland Verkehrsbetriebe AG's public transport advertising options include: EXTERIOR FORMATS

Exterior formats on buses are a permanent presence for your advertising on all major roads, at every stop, in every square, in the city center and in the suburbs. Exterior advertising has no direct competition in the immediate vicinity and looks exclusive, and thus has a correspondingly strong effect.

Advertising by the meter: Longitudinal roof format

Traditional "advertising strips" on a bus have their own strengths: With lengths of between 4 and 36 metres, they simply cannot be overlooked and can be recognized from a distance.

Traffic jam entertainment: Tailgate advertising

At eye level for the people in the cars behind: Tailgates attract intensive attention in traffic queue – especially during morning and evening rush hours.

Talk of the town: All-over designs

ZVB can also offer advertising space over an entire bus.

All-over designs guarantee attention. The vehicles are used for normal timetabled services and constantly on the move.


Reading material on the bus: On-bus suspended display

Suspended displays provide excellent contact opportunities and high returns. The posters provide a welcome diversion during the journey.

Available with or without dispensers for flyers.



Advertising space is marketed through APG-SGA Traffic AG in Zurich.
APG Traffic belongs to the Affichage Out-of-home media group and specializes in transport advertising.

Contact Andy Heer at APG-SGA Traffic AG in Zurich to find out more about prices and technical specifications.

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Information, quotations and prices are available at: www.traffic.ch