On behalf of Zugerland Verkehrsbetriebe

As the concessionary (contractor for the state), ZVB is the contact for all ordering parties (customers: cantons and communities) and for the public transport partners SBB and PostAuto. The timetable is planned and produced by ZVB. ZVB carries out price negotiations, takes responsibility for marketing and sales and oversees the bus lines which are outsourced. Essentially, ZVB covers the transport services itself. However, in some cases, transport services are charged to external transport providers based on a tender process. In order to allow the external transport providers to carry out their services as best they can, they have the freedom and responsibility to use their own resources independently and with the focus on the customer.

External transport providers

Zugerland Verkehrsbetriebe AG operates as a concessionary providing bus services in the canton of Zug and the Seetal (LU), Freiamt (AG) and Schwyz regions on behalf of the cantons and communities.

Some individual routes are outsourced to what are known as external transport providers. These are independent transport companies (TBA) operating individual bus lines on behalf of ZVB.

Why external transport providers?

By commissioning third parties with services, ZVB as a customer is supporting the independent traditional transport companies operating in the canton of Zug and surrounding areas. Another advantage of the partnerships is that they prevent empty runs of the vehicles due to evening returns to the Zug depot. The external transport providers are bound by the same quality requirements as Zugerland Verkehrsbetriebe AG.

ZVB external transport providers

Busbetrieb Seetal-Freiamt, Hochdorf

Management:Gerhard and Barbara Kunz
External transport provider since:2003
Number of drivers:19
Vehicles:8 standard buses
Lines operated:Seetal
Line 1: Hochdorf – Kleinwangen – Hohenrain – Ottenhusen – Hochdorf
Line 5: Hochdorf – Römerswil – Herlisberg – Beromünster
Line 6: Hitzkirch – Müswangen
Line 7: Hitzkirch – Schongau
Line 347 (partially): Sins – Auw – Abwil – (Fenkrieden)
Line 348: Sins – Dietwil – Gisikon-Root


Odermatt transline AG, Rotkreuz

Management:Marcel und Patrick Odermatt
External transport provider since:1990
Number of drivers: 19
Lines operated:

Linie 43 (teilweise): Cham –Lindencham
– Rumentikon

Linie 48 (teilweise): Cham – Rotkreuz
Line 51: Rotkreuz - Bösch - Hünenberg
Line 53: Rotkreuz – Küssnacht
Schulbus Rotkreuz


Auf der Maur AG, Steinen

Management:Paul, Doris and Dominik Auf der Maur
External transport provider since:1995
Number of drivers:14
Lines operated: Line 5 (partially): Zug – Oberwil – Walchwil
Line 21: Goldau – Oberarth – Arth – Walchwil
Line 22: Küssnacht – Ebnet – Immensee
Line 23 (partially): Goldau – Sattel (not included in Tarifverbund Zug)

Villiger Transporte AG, Cham

Management:Christian Villiger
External transport provider since:1990
Number of drivers:26
Line 6 (partially): Zug – Steinhausen (– Cham)
Line 41 (partially): Cham – Hünenberg
Line 42: Cham – Pfad (– Rumentikon)
Line 43 (partially): Cham – Lindencham – Rumentikon
Linie 48 (partially): Cham – Rotkreuz
Line 347 (partially): Sins – Auw – Abtwil – (Fenkrieden)
Schulbus Hagendorn
Zuger Nachtexpress N6: Zug – Cham – Hünenberg
– Sins – Muri – Mühlau

Strickler Reisen AG, Neuheim

Management:Franziska Strickler
External transport provider since:2011
Number of drivers:2
vehicles: 1
Lines operated:Schulbus Neuheim
Schulbus Horbach / Zug