Mobility carsharing

What is carsharing?

Carsharing is an individual enhancement to public transport. You can use a car (on call) to get to the places trams, buses and trains cannot reach. This means you are mobile at all times, but free of the obligations that having your own car brings.

There are 3'000 vehicles at 1'500 sites available across Switzerland, from cabriolets to transporters. Self-service and available around the clock. Simply book the vehicles online (, "mobility car" app or by calling the 24 h service center on 0848 824 812.

The affordable alternative

Book, collect and drive. Vehicles are available from as little as CHF 2.00 per hour (standard rate) and CHF 0.55 per kilometer. Fuel, servicing, repairs, insurance and administration are all included.

You can suscribe direct on the Mobility Website